Do you have your eyes set on an electric or hybrid car? Depending on what’s available in our pre-owned inventory, we may have some used electric vehicles for sale. To ensure you get the best value, here are some factors to look for when purchasing a pre-owned electric car.

Check the Battery

How is the battery’s health? Car batteries in electric vehicles will gradually wear upon hours of use and recharging.

Most modern electric cars enable you to check the battery’s condition through the infotainment touchscreen. Before purchase, you can also request to have a technician at the dealership perform a quick voltage test.

Check the Electrical Components

Inspect all the electric-related components, such as the radio and power windows. These parts rely on the battery, so if they’re unresponsive or semi-responsive, then that’s a sign that the battery may be compromised or near the end of its life.

Check the Tires

Electric vehicles on average have a higher base weight than their non-electric counterparts. This is partially due to the weight of the battery. The heavier weight can place more stress on the tires and associating components like the shocks and other suspension parts.

Check the Charge

If the vehicle has been sitting in the dealership lot for a while, then the battery may not be fully charged. Have the dealership fully charge the vehicle prior to purchase.

You don’t want to drive off on an electric car with only a fraction of juice remaining, especially if you live further out.

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