We recommend that customers have a look at our inventory of used cars for sale in St. Petersburg, FL. We frequently update both our pre-owned and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) inventory. There are many advantages associated with a pre-owned car purchase.

Lower Insurance Rates

One of the biggest factors that determine your insurance rates is the value of your car. Newer cars have higher value and are typically more expensive to repair in the event of collision damage.

Insurance adjusters take this into consideration when they set your rate, and usually offer you better deals on pre-owned models.

Pre-Owned Car Purchases Nowadays Are Less Risky

With the advent of history reports from institutions like CARFAX, buying a pre-owned car is far less of a risk. You’ll know exactly if the vehicle has been in any major collisions and what repairs have been made.

All CPO vehicles purchased at our dealership come with a history report.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

A model in a premium trim may be within your budget if you purchase a pre-owned car. If you aim for the same model that’s new, you may have to settle for the base trim.

Would you be willing to settle for a lightly used car if it has additional upgrades like leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, or Alexa voice compatibility?

More Options

You have a wide gamut of options when selecting a pre-owned vehicle. This includes models that have since been discontinued. It may also include trims, limited editions, or colors that aren’t available in the current-year model.

Visit Alfa Romeo of St. Petersburg and have a look at our pre-owned inventory. We have models like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and more, so stop by today!