Buying a car is going to require some budgeting, and it’s a good idea to determine what you can afford to pay monthly before visiting our dealership. Fortunately, this is made simple thanks to our online Alfa Romeo payment center. Use our site’s calculator to easily determine your estimated monthly budget.

How to Use Our Payment Calculator

The first step is to search for a vehicle in our inventory. We have both the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Alfa Romeo Giulia in a range of trim levels.

Once you have chosen a model, proceed to our finance section where we have our easy-to-use calculator. You just need to enter basic information, and our system will do the calculations for you.

The information for you to enter includes the price of your selected model, your projected down payment, and your term duration. Upon input, the calculator will give you a monthly payment amount.

Keep in mind that this figure is just an estimate. The exact figure may be different when calculated by a dealer at the dealership.

The payment calculator can be used to determine estimates for both new and pre-owned car purchases.

Selling Your Vehicle?

If planning on selling or trading your existing vehicle, we make this easy as well. Just enter some information about your vehicle, such as the model, VIN number, and odometer reading. A dealer will get back to you via phone call with an appointment to bring in your vehicle for an inspection.

You’ll be given an offer that’s good for seven days. The offer is good whether you trade for a new car or just sell without buying from us.

Our knowledgeable dealers at Alfa Romeo of St. Petersburg will assist you with vehicle financing. We suggest using our online calculator to get a head start on budgeting.