Sports cars are known for their exceptional speed and performance. Our pre-owned inventory near Tampa Bay, FL includes sports cars under 25k miles. Here are some tips for test driving a lightly pre-owned sports car.

1. Pay Attention to the Acceleration

Smooth acceleration is the hallmark of a reliable sports car. Pay attention as you accelerate and decelerate.

Does the car pick up speed in response to the gas pedal? Sports cars tend to gain speed more quickly, so if the acceleration feels lagging, then the engine may not be in the best shape.

If possible, drive over a steep hill and gauge how well the car performs.

2. Pay Attention to the Bumps

Take note of the impact when driving over any speedbumps, potholes, or dips. How much did you feel the impact? Sports cars a known for their smooth driving experience, so your shock absorbers should absorb most of the impact.

However, if you notice more shaking and vibrations in response to road irregularities, then the shocks and struts may be worn.

3. Be Mindful of Brake Responsiveness

Pay attention when you apply the brakes. Do you have to engage the brake pedal more than normal to slow down to the desired speed?

By contrast, are the brakes more sensitive than normal? Brake performance is diagnostic of a well-crafted sports car, so make sure they feel well-balanced.

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