Leasing an Alfa Romeo SUV is a viable alternative to a car purchase. It really comes down to your individual preference whether you go for a lease or purchase. Our dealers can assist you and make the process quick and simple, whichever you choose.

Choose a Vehicle

As with a vehicle purchase, schedule a date to visit our dealership. Browse our car inventory and pick out a model and specific trim. Proceed with a test drive to determine if the vehicle is a good fit. Next, continue on to our finance department.

The Leasing Process

A dealer will present your leasing options. Lease deals differ with varying durations and mileage limits. Find out the option that’s right for you and in line with your budget. Cost factors in a vehicle lease include:

  • Monthly payment, not based on the car’s value but on the its expected depreciation at the end of the lease term, or residual value.
  • Security deposit
  • Acquisition fees
  • Title, registration, and documentation fees
  • Insurance rates, which must include gap coverage

Our dealers will also help you qualify for a loan with an interest rate in accordance with your existing credit score.

Vehicle Trade-In

Many people only associate a car trade-in with a car purchase. However, you can also trade your existing vehicle with the value applied towards the lease.

Use our online trade-in calculator for a car valuation. At the dealership, an inspector will perform an in-person evaluation and provide you with a final trade-in value. It’s not unusual to buy or lease a new car as part of a New Year’s resolution. Consider SUVs like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and its various trims. Our dealers will assist you and take the guesswork out of the process.