If your Alfa Romeo vehicle is due for repairs or general maintenance, you may be tempted to go to a third-party auto shop or even attempt DIY maintenance. However, given that we are a luxury brand and Italian manufacturer, it’s a good idea to get service directly from the dealership. Find out how Alfa Romeo service is beneficial for your car’s long-term health.

OEM Parts

At a certified dealership’s service department, only OEM parts are used in replacements or refurbishing. Independent auto shops tend to use aftermarket parts or even parts pulled from salvaged vehicles.

OEM parts ensure you receive components made by the manufacturer and intended specifically for your Alfa Romeo make and model. This also ensures any existing manufacturer warranties will remain in good standing.

Specialized Alfa Romeo Service

Independent auto shops employ mechanics that, while knowledgeable, may not have sufficient experience working with luxury or Italian-made models.

If your car requires an oil change, for example, will the mechanic know which synthetic oil type to use? They may even use conventional motor oil, not realizing our high-quality vehicles require synthetic-grade oil.

Easy Appointment Setup

Our dealership makes it easy to book an appointment. Simply visit the service section of our website and enter basic information that includes your name, contact details, and information about your car model. When you come by at the confirmed appointment time, our technician will already have the information you need and can provide expedient service.

Fall is the ideal time to schedule general maintenance. Whether you own the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan or the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV, leave it to our service department to tackle the tune-up or repair.